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One of the branches of dentistry, Periodontics treats the supporting structures located around the teeth. These structures are collectively known as Periodontium. It includes the gingiva or gums, alveolar or jawbone, the cementum connecting the tooth to the jawbone, and the periodontal ligament, which holds the teeth in place. In our dental clinic, we have experienced and well-knowledgeable periodontists to treat all the mentioned concerns.

Popular Periodontics Procedures

Periodontics usually involves concerns related to gums. The treatment we perform to treat the problem is either done surgically or non-surgically.

● First, we review your medical history to determine the factors involved in causing the problem.

● We will examine the mouth to look for plaque or tartar buildup.

● Then, we will measure the depth of the pockets.

● Lastly, we will take dental x-rays to identify any bone loss in the area.

Based on the severity of the disease, we will assign a stage or grade for periodontitis. We will then use the following treatment to deal with the problem.

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Scaling and Root Planing 

In this procedure, we will remove any tartar or bacteria from the tooth surface as well as beneath the gums. Then, we will plain the root surfaces to avoid any further buildup of tartar or bacteria.


We will prescribe you topical or oral antibiotics to control bacterial infection.

On the other hand, if the condition is severe, we have to perform surgical treatment that includes soft tissue grafts, bone grafting, guided tissue regeneration, or tissue-stimulated proteins.

Benefits of Periodontics

Periodontics serves you the following benefits:

● It provides relief from pain.

● Provides you a healthy smile

● Freshen up your breath

● Encourage preventive care.

● Improves cardiovascular health

As dental experts, we at Woodlawn Dental understand how significant it is to treat gum diseases. And, the severity of its impact on overall health. So, if you haven’t visited the clinic for more than six months, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us. We will conduct a periodontal examination on your first visit and instruct you on an oral hygiene plan to keep your dental health intact by our dentists, Dr. Jessica Hardy, D.D.S., P.A., and Dr. David Wentz, D.D.S. 

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